WELCOME to the website of the
Cross Border Healthcare Center (CBHCC)
for the greater area of Munich and Southern Bavaria

This project is under development and will be live later this year.

The Cross Border Health Care Center operates with the standards of Hippokratia e.V, a non-profit organisation for the supervision of patient care in medical travel.

The CBHCC is directed by medical professionals giving their telemedical advice on treatment requests and aspects of continuum of care.

The services offered include mainly telemedical sessions to assess with the help of medical professional expertise
- how a patient can be treated in a certain destination area, - what kind of treatments can be optioned,
- what quotations can be given
- how does the after care work and
- what are the payment conditions and precautions

The CBHCC refers and recommends patients to medical professionals in Munich and Southern -Bavaria. The service has to paid for medical consultancy. The patient services cooperating with CBHCC all use a transparent business model and by thus differ from traditional markets.

The CBHCC works with Skype videoconferencing and online data exchange after scheduling an appointment for a B2B or C2B conversation about a given medical case. This telemedical platform will be cheap and effective and can be franchised every region/health cluster in the world.

In case you are interested in the further development and later maybe want to be involved in the network, then pleased drop your email address and contact data here:

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